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Protect Your Information By
Legal Means And Prevent Your Freedom
From Being Harmed

What is the Protection of Personal Data?
The protection of personal data is the conduct of data processing activities in accordance with the predetermined rules and the provision of a discipline to ensure that the fundamental rights and freedoms of the person are not harmed. At this point, it should be emphasized that: Protecting the data is not a prohibition on the use of data, but it is the act of ensuring that the owner of the data decides who will use his/her data, for what purpose and how, and to perpetuate the right of the data owner to be able to request information about the use of his/her data.
What are the Obligations of Companies pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Law?
To make an inventory of all processed personal data. To complete the legal, technical and administrative processes related to all the data that has been included in the inventory. To declare all completed work to the personal data protection authority and keep it up to date (VERBIS (Data Controllers’ Registry Information System) liability). To turn all declared works a living process within the enterprise.
What’s the Purpose of Personal Data Protection Law?
In our age when information technologies are developing rapidly and official transactions are mostly carried out electronically, there are many advantages to the processing of personal data. For example, you can receive news about campaigns and discount days from a company you provided your information to. However, there is also the possibility of misuse of your information. The purpose of the law is to eliminate this possibility. The goal of the Personal Data Protection Law is to ensure that the data is processed within a certain regime and that the data processing activities are carried out under principle of transparency. This way, it can be ensured that the data owner has a say over his/her data.
What Can You Do With KVKNET?
You can make device and location independent data entries. With simplified data entry interfaces, you can speed up processes and create the data inventory report that the organization wants. You can link the collected personal data to legal documents. You can receive instant VERBIS reports of the personal data collected. You can get the Personal Data Protection Law management documents ready for your business in seconds. You can manage your corporate audits and periodic audits. You can turn your technical and administrative measures into living processes. You can manage the data owner reference and finalization process. You instantly receive any updates to the legislation. You can manage the data owner reference and finalization process. You can manage the data application process with all its stages. You save effort and time.
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