As Aryom Software we offer the latest technological product and software solutions to every corporate customers with customer satisfaction priority.

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Resolve your problems with our Gdpr Process Management solutions and control your process in the most efficient way.

We present you the newest technology products and solutions.

It is prepared to offer the latest technology products and software to the IT market with financial prices and training services. It aims to create a continuous cost advantage by reaching both supplier companies and corporate and individual customers through simple and direct processes.


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Even in complex and big projects, we provide our customers exact and complete solutions within the framework of the slogan of trust in technology and system integration and consultancy services. We offer every corporate customers every solution with a customer satisfaction-oriented quality approach.


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Kvknet Packets

KVKNET SOFTWARE is the most comprehensive Personal Data Inventory Management System ever made under Turkish Personal Data Protection Law no.6698

KVKNET provides you, the data controllers, with the opportunity to fulfill your legal obligations below; Creation of personal data inventory Inform the data subject Obtaining time-stamped explicit consent from the data subject Answering data subject applications VERBIS registration Continuously auditing data security measures with the AI-supported E-CONSULTANT to be used by YOUR OWN TEAM

Kvknet Basic Packet
Basic Packet
Kvknet Product
Kvknet Expert Packet
Expert Packet
Kvknet Product
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Pro Packet
Kvknet Product
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Full Packet
Kvknet Product

Consulting Services

As Aryom Software, we have a high success rate in all our work, but we also continue to develop approaches that are required by the dynamics of the business world and often aim beyond the industrial goals in order to sustain and improve our place and claim in the sector. We believe that the success of the projects depends on the quality and continuity of the service provided as well as the quality of the software. From the first moment of our projects, we set out to produce practical solutions that respond to the wishes of our clients in the most satisfactory way.
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Seminars and Trainings

As Aryom Software, we organize trainings and seminars at regular intervals. This way, we continue to work on informing institutions and their employees about our products and consultancy services.
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