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Manage Your Cyber Security
with the Dgrnet product family


Take control of your IT assets
Keep all your IT assets under control with the dgrnet product family. Automatically create entity evanter. Integrate your IT assets with ISO 27001 processes. Create automatic alerts with your logs.
Considering today's types of cyber attacks, it is essential that every institution and organization know their current situation against possible attacks and take steps to improve them, if any. Knowing the cyber resilience and resilience stance in advance is the first step to reveal and eliminate possible vulnerabilities.Thanks to the structure of the cyber maturity level detection system developed by Aryom software, it quickly and effectively extracts the existing structure. Identifies areas that need improvement at a detailed level. Preparation of budget and roadmap etc. It allows you to create a quick report on topics
The main purposes of this product are listed below
Revealing existing cyber security vulnerabilities Providing customers with improvement opportunities in the right areas, Providing support to customers in the correct planning of their expenses in the field of cyber security, Establishing a system for corporate management to manage the cyber security environment in a more standardized way.
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